Welcome to the Official Habbo Beta Program™ site for Habbo Hotel US! If you are reading this page, it most likely means you were referred by one of our sponsors, clients, or representatives. If you were NOT invited, you will not be able to participate in our program; this program is only for Habbos who are:

  1. Active and experienced with Habbo Hotel US.
  2. Habbo with a clean record; you must obey the Habbo Way!

Thank you for understanding. Perhaps you will be invited in the future!

Habbo Beta Program is a testing program for the US Hotel. We plan to introduce many new furniture, options, and styles for Habbos in Version 13, 14, and 15.1 which will be introduced as soon as we get the details from Finland (Habbo Headquarters). Habbos in this program will NOT receive free coins (as that would be against our policy), but WILL receive new, unreleased furniture, new clothing and hairstyles, and special news to upcoming events on Habbo!

Please note that not all Habbos who apply for our program will be accepted. There is a certain criteria Habbos must pass to be accepted in this program.

Invited Habbos: View your possible rewards on the links to the left, and apply using the “Apply Now!” tool to your right.

Thank you,

RocketSkates; Habbo Hotel US (habbo.com)